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  • Routine Lab

    Common laboratory tests and what they mean.

  • Specialty Lab

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  • Research & Training

    Cytomol provides short term training programs in life sciences.

  • Genetic Counseling

    Genetic counseling helps families to understand the condition better.


Welcome to CYTOMOL Diagnostic, Genetic Labs

Cytomol Lab has been started by a group of scientists and researchers to provide quality based services at affordable prices.

Our team consists of well trained and highly motivated researchers committed to ensure highest level of quality and accuracy in their area of expertise


It aims to make significant contributions in the early detection of disorders and also to come up with new molecular markers in order to develop personalized medicine that will help clinicians for better treatment and management of one’s quality life. Read more

Cytogenetics Lab
Karyotyping - Blood
Karyotyping – Amniotic Fluid
Product of Conception
FISH - Trisomies

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